They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. 
Our team is here in case they’re wrong.

Our monitoring service helps your organization 
withstand any cyber threat — and ensures you 
don’t make the wrong kind of headlines

Beazley Security’s MXDR is a managed detection and response service that combines the industry’s leading XDR platform with our decades of practical cyber security experience and specialized tooling to provide powerful threat monitoring and rapid containment.

Powered by Hunters, Beazley Security’s MXDR is designed specifically to avoid the frustrations inherent to most MDR services — this means total transparency, full integration with your security and IT stack, predictable pricing with no hidden costs, and comprehensive incident response and crisis management.

Find out how MXDR is different

Become truly resilient to cyber attacks with MXDR

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No more IT blind spots

Blind spots like unknown assets, vulnerabilities, and permissions, create unacceptable risk. They create opportunities for bad actors to access 
your environment and can lead to serious harm and disruption.

Our MXDR provides complete monitoring coverage of your IT environment, no matter how complex. We also encourage you to provide access to all relevant data sources at no additional charge. This allows our team to monitor endpoints, networks, cloud instances, applications, identities, containers, and more, ensuring rapid detection of threats, no matter 
where they arise.

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Superfast incident response

Research shows that speed matters. The faster your organization can respond to cyber threats, the less operational, financial, and reputation damage you’ll experience.

Our IR team has managed thousands of successful incidents and operates 24/7/365. We’re ready and can respond to new threats and incidents the moment they occur. That means your organization can expect the best possible outcome, even if you’re targeted by a serious and committed attacker at the worst possible time. Faster response means less damage, and less chance of being featured in the media as the next big data breach.

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Truly world-class crisis management

How prepared is your organization to cope with a serious cyber security incident or breach?

If the worst should happen, our crisis management team is on hand to guide you through the entire process. And we’re not just talking IT stuff — from legal and regulatory support, to crisis communications and PR, our team knows exactly how to handle a crisis.

The worst day in your organization’s history is a typical Tuesday 
morning for our team… so let them handle it.

Advanced Monitoring is the future of security


faster detection

of security incidents with MDR compared to an internal SOC

Ponemon Institute



in security incidents for organizations that adopt MDR

Ponemon Institute


of organizations

will deploy XDR by 2025 to reduce
the number of security vendors


Many MDR services are ‘black boxes’ that overpromise, underdeliver, and have complex pricing models that disincentivize effective security.

Every security solution claims to be “different”. Here’s how we made sure our MXDR really is.

Complete transparency into every alert 
— without the fatigue

Most MDR services are ‘black boxes’ that claim to keep you secure but provide no evidence of activity. They either hide their activities from review, or bombard your teams with alerts that overwhelm their capacity and result in dangerous alert fatigue. This makes these services hard to justify and leaves clients wondering if they’re really getting the service they pay for.

Beazley Security gives clients total visibility into everything we do on their behalf. Every time we process an alert — even if we decide not to escalate it — we provide a rationale for our decision and the data is there for your easy review. As our client, that means you’re completely informed about your security operations, and you can even prompt us to reassess an alert if you believe it warrants further consideration.

Simple, per-endpoint pricing 
(no hidden costs ever)

Many MDR services use data volume-based pricing models that disincentive clients from allowing their provider to access crucial security and IT data. Got a new tool or data source? While it may provide valuable context for security, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars a year to include it in your MDR service. This disincentive is unacceptable and creates risk for the client.

Beazley Security’s MXDR uses a simple pricing model based on your number of endpoints. It scales up and down easily to match your needs, and there are never any hidden costs — guaranteed. You’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying and what you’re getting in return.

MXDR also includes extended data retention in the standard price, with options to retain data in warm or cold storage for even longer.

Proactive threat hunting uncovers 
hidden risks

The monitoring component of MXDR is outstanding for identifying and resolving new threats as they arise. But what about threats that already exist within your environment? Or highly sophisticated and unknown threats that don’t trigger detections?

Our expert threat hunters proactively search your IT environment to identify complex threats early in their lifecycle and prevent attackers from expanding their presence and privileges. Serious threats like data exfiltration attacks often happen over months — we'll find and stop them before they can achieve their objectives.

Today, you think there's nothing malicious in your environment. With us, you'll know it.

Integration with your entire technology 
stack (at no extra cost)

Data lies at the heart of threat detection. To be effective, our team needs access to all relevant data from across your entire IT and security stack — and that’s why we support integrations with all your tools as standard, with no extra costs.

These integrations ensure our team has everything it needs to deliver outstanding service and maximize risk reduction for your organization. This includes:

  • Detecting complex threats by tracking them across multiple tools and locations
  • Gaining deeper insights from post-incident forensics and threat hunting
  • Identifying threats in real-time, regardless of where they arise

MXDR detects and resolves cyber attacks before they turn into crises — and ensures you don’t get the wrong kind of media attention.

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