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Full Spectrum Cyber helps clients understand 
their current state and the steps needed to effectively defend their environments.

Effective cyber risk management goes beyond merely technical capabilities. Beazley Security brings together experts who have helped clients handle 10,000s of cyber incidents with technology innovation designed to respond to today’s cyber risks. With roots within Beazley’s market-leading cyber insurance, our team provides clients a wealth of experience to avoid and successfully weather cyber incidents, from legal and regulatory requirements to full crisis management – including navigating claims or managing incident response activities such as legal, regulatory, PR, or other 3rd party specialists who may be needed.

Our risk management is powered by the latest technology, including attack surface monitoring and managed XDR that give us insight into the tactics and techniques cybercriminals are exploiting right now, together with the expertise to align technology to latest threats. We bring that to you, regardless of whether you have insurance coverage or not.

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The expanding number of cyber risks doesn’t have to be feared. 

But you do have to be prepared.

Beazley has been a pioneer in cyber insurance and has crafted risk management programs that help offset cyber challenges you may face. In addition to claims and coverages amounts, with Beazley Full Spectrum Cyber, policy holders have access additional resources and discounted services from Beazley Security to help clients to pre-empt emerging cyber threats, respond to them, and adapt to new threats as they emerge.

Risk Management Offerings

Beazley Security can schedule – and in many cases deliver the many valuable RMOs you’re entitled to as a Beazley insured.

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Product and Service Discounts

Beazley policy holders are eligible for a number of discounts on vendor provided technology products and services designed to keep you safer.

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Policy Orientation

Policy holders are eligible for an interactive onboarding session to discuss policy benefits, resources, and what to do in the event you suffer an attack.

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Improve your risk profile to improve coverage options or become insurable with Beazley Security.

If you’re looking to increase your cyber insurance options, or have struggled to obtain the coverage you want, we can help. Our teams understand insurance, and can help you prepare defenses and harden the controls that matter most.

Gap Assessment

Gap Assessments are invaluable tools to test IT infrastructure, applications, and processes against well-defined standards to identify proactive measures that improve security and risk postures. While framework compliance does not ensure security, gap assessments are an effective pre-emptive tool to help define actions, safeguard sensitive data, preserve reputation, and ensure business continuity. Beazley Security Gap Assessment can leverage either CIS 18 or NIST CSF frameworks and include an executive summary and presentation of recommendations, along with detailed findings associated with the specified framework.

Cloud Security Assessment

Beazley Security’s cloud security services empower clients to achieve peace of mind knowing that their Microsoft, AWS, or Google cloud data, applications, and infrastructure are safeguarded against evolving cyber threats. Additionally, our tailored consulting and deployment services ensure that clients can maximize their ROI in cloud security solutions, driving operational efficiency and enabling business growth.

Managed eXtended Detection and Response

With uncomplicated endpoint-based pricing that includes unlimited data ingestion and 90-day (standard) data retention, Beazley Security’s Managed eXtended Detection and Response (MXDR) service provides clients around-the-clock protection while delivering a cost-effective alternative to developing in-house cyber security capabilities.

Service and experience that mitigate risk and provide peace of mind.

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