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on patient care

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Serving thousands of healthcare providers and payors around the world, we understand the 
tenuous mission facing healthcare organizations.

If there is a breach, or if patient privacy is violated, critical care procedures can be disrupted. This puts patient care, safety, and outcomes at risk.

Healthcare organizations collect a wide range of data, oversee around-the-clock communications, and depend upon the free flow of information across a multitude of high-tech equipment and networks to provide effective patient care.

This creates an equally diverse range of exploitable vulnerabilities and potential access points for valuable data, including research and manufacturing data as well as an immense amount of personally identifiable information. 
This makes these organizations attractive targets for bad actors seeking either a quick profit or mass disruption.

To be a valuable partner, Beazley Security offers tools and services for healthcare organizations of all sizes. This helps to quickly strengthen security, improve IT performance, safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI), and comply with HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC2, and GDPR.

We support clients through regulatory compliance and mandatory notifications, to technical mitigation and restoration.

Healthcare organizations have open and inter-connected technology environments and troves of PPI, making them frequent targets.


A large community hospital in the Western US suffered a crippling ransomware attack, locking systems throughout the facility, including laptops, servers, data center equipment, and power supplies.

Once the technical remediation was complete, the Beazley Security team worked with the client on the monumental effort to replace equipment, restore power, and bring electronic support systems back to life.

Unintended Disclosure

An IT vendor had inadvertently unsecured a file containing over 30,000 patients’ billing information such that it was searchable on the internet using search engines such as Google.

The hospital discovered the incident during security testing when a larger healthcare system acquired the hospital. The information exposed included names, social security numbers, date of births, addresses, treatment information, and insurance information.

The hospital utilized outside legal, forensics, notification services, a call center, credit monitoring, and crisis management. The hospital was investigated by OCR and four attorneys general.

Data Breach

A healthcare organization’s offices in Phoenix, Chicago and Nashville were affected by the Pink Slip virus.

Forensic investigators determined that protected health information and personally identifiable information were not compromised by the incident.
Unfortunately, the healthcare organization incurred data losses and expenses in responding to the virus, and Beazley paid over $120,000 in data protection loss.

Beazley Security’s team is communicative, knowledgeable, and easy to work with at any level.

VP of Information Security

Beazley Security’s team of IT experts are responsive and efficient, providing actionable solutions to enhance our cyber security practices.

Director of Finance and Operations

Operations were brought to a halt due to ransomware. But with Beazley Security’s help we knew the full extent of the attack and recovered, and in time for the kids to have their holiday parties.

School District Administrator, Western United States

Following a massive ransomware attack, the Beazley Security team worked relentlessly to restore computers, servers, and IT operations to get us back online with patient services.

Large Hospital CIO, Western United States

Beazley Security helped our team navigate through a complex maze of information and data, expertly and knowledgeably advising on cyber security strategy in a practical and understandable manner.

EVP of Information Security at Fortune 1000 Firm

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