Security expertise backed by actuarial precision.

Beazley Security combines decades of technical 
experience with the data-led approach of a 
global insurance provider.

We help clients build cyber resilience

Beazley Security is a global cyber security firm committed to helping clients develop true cyber resilience: the ability to withstand and recover from any cyberattack.

We combine decades of cyber security protection, detection, response, and recovery expertise with the actuarial precision and risk mitigation capability of our parent company, Beazley Insurance.

Decades of front-line
security experience

Our experts come from private industry, government, intelligence, law enforcement, and more. We have specialists in threat detection, incident response, digital forensics, offensive security, risk management, governance, and cyber resilience.

They have one thing in common: decades of experience on the front lines, protecting organizations from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Fact-based security
solutions and advice

We’ve analyzed tens of thousands of cyber insurance claims to understand what creates risk in the real world. Our evidence-based controls and services meaningfully and provably reduce risk for our clients and protect them from serious incidents and breaches.

When asked “is your organization prepared to handle a major cyber security crisis?” our customers can confidently respond: “Yes”

Build cyber resilience: the ability 
to withstand and recover from any cyberattack, no matter how serious.

Beazley Security is for you if…

You’re concerned your organization is 
unprepared to handle a major cyberattack

Cyber security crises like ransomware can cause huge financial and operational damage. Your readiness depends on your ability to detect crises and immediately access expertise across a range of functions—including IT, security, legal, regulatory, and crisis communications—to handle the incident promptly, professionally, and completely.

All Beazley Security customers have access to our crisis management team 24/7/365 to advise on everything from minor security concerns to full blown crises. Our team is your first point of contact when something goes wrong to ensure you’re protected from serious harm and disruption.

You may have security blind spots that leave you vulnerable to attack

Blind spots are areas of your IT environment that aren’t covered by cyber security tools, policies, or monitoring. These blind spots create opportunities for bad actors to gain access to your organization’s network or IT assets, and can lead to serious harm and disruption to your operations and outputs.

Our MXDR monitoring service provides complete monitoring coverage of any IT environment, no matter how complex. Our team monitors all assets in your IT environment, including endpoints, networks, cloud instances, applications, identities, containers, and more. This ensures rapid detection of any known threat, no matter where it arises or which asset it targets.

You’ve been refused cyber insurance

Many organizations find themselves unable to get cyber insurance coverage, either due to a poor allround cyber security posture, or due to specific gaps associated with high breach likelihood. If your organization has been refused cyber insurance or quoted coverage with high premiums or coverage limitations and exclusions, we can help.

Our access to Beazley’s underwriting and claims teams allows us to use their anonymized data to understand the criteria cyber insurers use to determine insurability, coverages, and costs. We can help you understand how your organization appears to cyber insurers, and take decisive steps to improve insurability and reduce premiums.

Are you certain your organization can withstand any cyberattack? 

Would you like to be?

We asked our staff to describe Beazley Security’s values.

It may sound basic, but it's from the heart.


We value every background.


We are accountable 
to our clients and 
each other.


The most important aspect of our business is service to our clients and team.


We are dependable, honest, and always act with respect.


We seek to 
understand and explore innovative ideas that solve problems.

Building cyber resilience allows you to fearlessly pursue your business strategy without being held back by unmanaged risk