Speed and experience drive effective response and restoration performance. 

Our unique combination of capabilities ranges from coordinating crisis resources to technical responders and restoration expertise.

With decades of experience that spans tens of thousands of incidents, we have honed our processes and are unique in our ability to help clients throughout every step needed to mitigate a cyberattack. Not only do we have an intimate understanding of cyber insurance requirements, we have established relationships with legal, crisis management, and communications specialists tuned to cyber requirements around the world. Further, we have some of the industry’s best incident responders who understand how to mitigate damage, collect necessary evidence, and get the business back to business as quickly as possible.

Our Incident Response teams are built to respond to potential and confirmed security events and incidents with the speed and precision necessary to support analysis, containment, and recovery. Our methodology is driven by extensive, real-time threat intelligence gained from our experience responding to thousands of incidents, as well as up-to-the-minute intelligence garnered from other prime sources.

When an incident occurs, our experts provide a thorough digital forensic analysis of the cause and extent of a breach using advanced tools and techniques in memory, network, and file system forensics. We then work with you to go beyond restarting business operations and expediting recovery by strengthening your security posture and proactively assessing further threats.

Our brand of Incident Response is not a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday career.

Our comprehensive incident response capabilities go beyond 
any firm in the market and are unique in our ability to help clients 
get back to business.

Incident Management Expertise

Born as part of the Beazley claim process, our Incident Management teams have honed a comprehensive incident management approach that engages legal, regulatory, crisis management, communications resources, and works closely with Beazley Security Incident Responders throughout any engagement. This global team averages over 4,000 incident calls per year as part of the Beazley insurance community and provides unmatched experience with all the incidentals that accompany breach response.

Incident Response Retainer

An Incident Response Retainer with Beazley Security provides organizations with the assurance of immediate, expert incident response assistance in the event of a breach or security incident. By retaining the services of a dedicated incident response team, organizations can significantly reduce response time, limit the potential damage of a security incident, and better protect their digital assets and sensitive information.

Incident Response Investigation

Beazley Security Incident Response Investigations help organizations effectively manage and mitigate the impact of cyber security incidents, breaches, and attacks. This involves a coordinated, systematic approach to identifying, responding to, and recovering from security incidents, ensuring that the organization's digital assets and operations are safeguarded. This service is crucial for minimizing damage, preserving data integrity, and preventing the recurrence of similar incidents.

Endpoint Compromise Assessment

The Beazley Security Endpoint Compromise Assessment service is designed to evaluate the security posture of endpoint devices within an organization's network. These services typically involve comprehensive scanning, monitoring, and analysis of endpoints such as desktops, laptops, servers, and other connected devices. The primary objective is to detect signs of compromise or potential security breaches on these endpoints.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Investigation

The Business Email Compromise Investigation service is a specialized offering that helps organizations respond to and mitigate the risks associated with business email compromise (BEC) incidents. BEC attacks involve cybercriminals gaining unauthorized access to an organization's email system and impersonating trusted individuals or entities through email communication to fraudulently obtain money, sensitive information, or commit other malicious activities. This service is designed to assist organizations in identifying, investigating, and remediating such incidents while minimizing financial and reputational damage.

Digital Forensic Investigation

This specialized service focuses on uncovering, collecting, analyzing, and preserving digital evidence from various sources, such as computers, mobile devices, servers, and network logs. This service is essential for organizations and individuals looking to investigate and document incidents involving cybercrime, data breaches, fraud, intellectual property theft, and other digital misconduct. It enables the accurate reconstruction of events and assists in legal proceedings, ensuring data integrity and aiding in incident resolution.

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