Relentless innovation drives strategies to level the playing field.

An ever-changing threat environment demands 
adaptive defensive tactics capable of keeping pace 
with the risks at hand.

Modern business environments continue to innovate and evolve to capitalize on technological advances. This is true for attacker tactics as well, with massive investments in the techniques and infrastructure needed to exploit vulnerabilities or identified gaps in security capabilities.

Our cyber defense strategy relies on advanced technology and human intuition to enhance visibility and swiftly mitigate threats, preventing potential damage or loss. Supported by the world’s leading cyber insurance carrier, our comprehensive approach, combines continuous attack surface management, expansive data ingestion, and intelligent monitoring, to deliver robust protections against evolving threats.

Advanced monitoring technology is supplemented by human intelligence.

Our powerful monitoring capabilities are differentiated by unlimited data and visibility across the entire technology landscape.

Managed XDR

Beazley Security’s Managed eXtended Detection and Response (MXDR) service provides clients around-the-clock protections and confidence that your business is secure. Built on the advanced XDR capabilities powered by Hunters technology, our MXDR is delivered as a fully managed solution that offers market-leading capabilities, total transparency to cyber operations, and uncomplicated endpoint-based pricing that includes unlimited data ingestion and long term retention.

Attack Surface Management

Beazley Security has developed powerful Attack Surface Management (ASM) capabilities that go beyond traditional attack surface evaluations to enable the continuous discovery, inventory, classification, and monitoring of your company’s infrastructure and where it may be exposed to threat actors. 
Our experts will provide monthly updates that give you an accurate and 
up-to-date picture of your potential attack surface and work with you to validate our findings.


VERACIS™ is Beazley Security's client engagement platform, providing a centralized environment to access services such as MXDR, along with insights, analysis, research and communications relevant to the cyber operations of our clients. VERACIS™ delivers the truth about cyber.

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Create layers of defense that 
protect your business and its 
critical resources long before 
a threat actor targets you.

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