Effective cyber
resilience is the outcome of effective planning and preparation.

Full Spectrum Cyber helps clients understand their current state and the steps needed to effectively defend their environments.

Our experienced services teams have decades in the trenches, serving as security leaders, practitioners, engineers, analysts, incident responders, and risk managers. With a four-year average of more than 4,000 incident calls per year, clients trust that we have the experience to help position them to respond quickly and effectively to emerging risks.

Services and solutions that enable clients to prepare for future attacks.

Our solutions can be delivered as an a la carte service 
or as part of a retainer-based strategy that plots services 
to advance cyber maturity over time.

Virtual CISO

Our vCISO program offers organizations the expertise and strategic leadership of a qualified Chief Information Security Officer on a flexible, outsourced basis. A vCISO acts as an integral part of the organization & cyber security strategy, providing guidance, planning, and oversight to enhance the overall security posture. This service is especially valuable for organizations that may not have the resources for a full-time CISO or prefers to leverage this specialized expertise on a project or retainer basis.

Gap Analysis

Gap Assessments are invaluable tools to test IT infrastructure, applications, and processes against well-defined standards to identify proactive measures that improve security and risk postures. While framework compliance does not ensure security, gap assessments are an effective pre- emptive tool to help define actions, safeguard sensitive data, preserve reputation, and ensure business continuity. Beazley Security Gap Assessment can leverage either CIS 18 or NIST CSF frameworks and include an executive summary and presentation of recommendations, along with detailed findings associated with the specified framework.

Threat Landscape Briefing

A Threat Landscape Briefing provides organizations with a comprehensive overview of the current threat landscape, including emerging cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and trends. This service equips organizations with up-to-date knowledge and actionable insights to better understand, prepare for, and mitigate evolving threats to their digital assets. Briefings are tailored to each organization and leverage our vertical experience in industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Government, and Non-profit.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

These focused assessments review critical security controls from a defense-in-depth perspective to assess an organization’s ability to defend against and respond to ransomware attacks. Through this service we examine layers of defense mechanisms, from basic access controls to advanced intrusion detection systems and incident response plans. By evaluating these measures comprehensively, we help organizations identify strengths and weaknesses in their defense-in-depth posture, strengthening their resilience against ransomware threats.

Security Policy Review and Development

Security Policy Review and Development services will assess a client’s existing security policies and offer tailored recommendations based on specific industry security controls or custom organizational requirements. Beazley Security experts will analyze current policies, identify gaps, and work with stakeholders to develop new or updated policies aligned with best practices and regulations. The aim is to provide clear guidelines for mitigating cyber risks, ensuring practicality and adaptability to evolving threats. These services are vital for organizations to establish robust cyber security governance and risk management, especially those in regulated industries.

IR Planning & Playbook Development

Beazley Security supports thousands of incidents every year through both risk management as well as technical response services. Our teams are uniquely qualified to help clients develop sophisticated plans and playbooks tailored to their industry, environment, and geography.

Our Incident Response Plan Development service helps create a structured and actionable framework for an organization to effectively respond to cyber security incidents and data breaches. The service involves the collaborative creation of a comprehensive incident response plan (IRP) tailored and customized to the organization's unique needs and risks.

Our Incident Response Playbook Development service focuses on creating a structured and comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures that facilitate the effective and efficient response to cyber security incidents such as Ransomware, Phishing, or Credential Loss etc. These playbooks serve as a quick-reference guide for incident responders, ensuring that they can follow a well-defined plan when an incident occurs.


Tabletop Exercise is a structured and interactive cyber security service that simulates various cyber security scenarios and incidents in a controlled environment. This exercise is designed to evaluate an organization's incident response capabilities, crisis management, and decision-making processes. It allows participants, be they Technical, Executive or Board of Directors, to discuss, analyze, and strategize their responses to simulated incidents without the pressure of a real-world crisis. 

Sample Tabletops include the following:

  • Phishing Attack Simulation
  • Credential Loss
  • Ransomware Simulation
  • Data Breach Scenario
  • Insider Threat
  • 3rd Party Compromise
  • Supply Chain Attack Simulation
  • DDoS Scenario

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